Ministry of Environment

Land Remediation

Land Remediation


The Land Remediation Section administers the provisions for the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites in British Columbia under the Environmental Management Act and Contaminated Sites Regulation.

Our section focuses on the remediation of brownfields, orphan sites and complex, high risk contaminated sites, and facilitates the remediation of low and medium risk sites. We also manage the Site Registry, provide operational and procedural contaminated sites guidance, and administer the site screening process using site profiles.

Through collaboration with communities, public organizations, other agencies and private parties, we strive to support development opportunities, protect human health and the environment, and keep our province healthy and beautiful.

The Ministry of Environment is reviewing aspects of British Columbia’s site remediation legal regime. Discussion papers have been developed that focus on the prevention of site contamination from soil relocation and the mechanism for identifying potentially contaminated sites (the site profile process). Please read the Comments Requests for more detailed information.