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Procedure. Site Profile Processing

The site profile system is a mandatory process used to bring potentially contaminated sites to the attention of the ministry at a time when a site is conducive to investigation and remediation. This system is used to determine if and when site investigation is required and is triggered by certain applications for zoning of land, subdivision, development and development variance permits, soil removal and demolition permits. Site profiles must also be submitted for certain sites upon decommissioning and/or foreclosure. When a site profile submission is required, local government and Ministry of Transportation officials may not approve these applications until one or more conditions are met.

Under Section 7 (1) of the Contaminated Sites Regulation, a Director must advise whether or not a site investigation is required. There are a number of ways in which an applicant can obtain a release for the approval of an application such as for subdivision or zoning. This draft procedure provides specific criteria to guide a Director in deciding whether a site investigation should be required and whether an approving authority may be released to approve an application to local government or the Ministry of Transportation.

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