Updates on Contaminated Sites

Site Registry Implemented

November 3, 1997

The Site Registry is available through BC OnLine. This service allows you to view information about sites in which the province has an environmental interest.

Contaminated sites provisions came into effect April 1, 1997 requiring the province to provide public information on site cleanups and investigations. A public Site Registry mandated under the Waste Management Act (the Act) has been developed and was implemented on November 3, 1997 to meet this requirement.

What is the Site Registry?

The Site Registry documents milestones in the site cleanup process, and provides public access to this information. It is not strictly a registry of contaminated sites. While some sites on the registry are contaminated, most sites listed have simply been investigated and require little, if any cleanup, or have already been cleaned up to government standards.

Electronic and Paper Records

The Site Registry contains both electronic and paper records. The electronic Site Registry summarizes the investigation and cleanup history for sites in BC The paper Site Registry contains detailed information in documents used to create the electronic Site Registry.

What Information is Contained in the Site Registry?

The electronic Site Registry currently contains information generally grouped under five categories:

1) General — information concerning a site's location, cleanup status and site profile
2) Notations — information concerning legal and administrative events under the Act
3) Participants — information about people and organizations involved with a site
4) Documents — information regarding the existence of reports concerning a site
5) Land Use — information concerning land use related to a site

Two categories still to be developed are:

1) Assessments — general information related to the main substances found at a site
2) Remediation Plans — information on cleanup plans used and cleanup standards

Accessing the Site Registry

Access to the electronic Site Registry is through an account with BC Online, which provides access to a number of government databases such as the Land Titles system. Contact the BC Online Help Desk at (250) 953-8200 (Victoria) or 1-800-663-6102 (outside of Victoria) to set up an account. As a new feature, BC Online is offering the Site Registry on its world wide web site. There is a Site Registry User's Guide available for further information on using the Site Registry.

If you do not have a BC Online account or do not wish to set one up, contact a regional BC Environment office or Government Agent for advice on having a search of the electronic Site Registry carried out.

What if I Need More Information on a Site?

If more detailed information is required after searching the electronic Site Registry, the paper Site Registry may be accessed. Contact your regional BC Environment office for an application form and instructions.