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Welcome to the Terrain Information Home

Terrain mapping provides information on the classification and distribution of surficial materials (the surface materials on top of bedrock), landforms (the surface expression or 3D shape of surficial materials) and geomorphological processes (the mechanisms that continue to deposit and modify surficial materials).

This site provides information on terrain mapping and other related topics and access to terrain maps and data.

The terrain mapping overview provides general information about terrain mapping and answers the who, what, when, where and why questions of terrain mapping. There is also a sub-section describing the different types of terrain maps.

Digital and hardcopy maps and reports can be accessed via the Access to Maps and Data section, and mapping and digital data standards, guidelines, and user manuals are available via the Standards and Guidelines link.

Communications with and amongst the terrain business areas are facilitated by the Terrain Listserv. For more information about purpose and to sign up click here.

The terrain information program update section provides information on the past and present activities of the terrain data custodian and terrain information managers. Updates are dated to indicate currency.

The site outline provides details of the contents of this website with active links.